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Pascual Bueno was born in 1930 in the city of Barcelona. From a very young age he showed tremendous skill in drawing and painting. At 14, he entered the Provincial School of Master Painters in Barcelona, from which he graduated four years later. During those years, he combined his studies with decorative work at his father’s workshop. It was during that time that he realized his true calling was easel painting.
His first painting award in 1948 reaffirmed his decision to become a painter. He was awarded another first prize in 1956, at a contest organized by the Art Museum of Barcelona. During that same year, he was awarded several prizes and honors, and even a scholarship in Paris, to study impressionist painters. Upon his return from Paris, Bueno made his first exhibit in Barcelona, soon to be followed by others in Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao, etc.

In 1957 he joined the Saint Jordi Higher School of Fine Arts, Barcelona, where he became a Professor of Drawing and Painting.

Bueno had his first solo exhibitions in 1968 in two galleries in the United States - one in California and the other in New York. His work was already sold by Marchands in both Europe and America.

Pascual Bueno is extremely sensitive to light and color. His work can be classified within the current post-impressionism movement. A constant worker, Bueno is convinced that tenacity and perseverance are the deepest, firmest pillars for the spiritual and technical development of a true artist. His works can be seen at many museums in European and American cities, such as Barcelona, Florence, California, New York, South Carolina, Uruguay, etc. His work also appears in art publications such as "500 Master Paintings" and "Current Masters of Calatonian Painting".

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